Fabric Wrapped Around Trees Creates Compelling Visual Interventions

Who is the warlock that does this?


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PACHIR WA AGAM, AFGHANISTAN. Anti-Taliban Afghan fighters watch several explosions from U.S. bombings in the Tora Bora mountains of eastern Afghanistan on December 2001. (REUTERS)

More nature here

Tumblr pisses me off too much.
Like I just want to see nice pictures of nature. Mountains, trees, and lakes.
But no matter what there are always arguments everywhere. People fighting with each other. It’s a little stressful and annoying. Originally I thought this website was an escape to see what you enjoy. Comedy, nature, art so be it. But no. Too much controversy, fights, arguments. This website is nothing more than a local news channel highlighting all the negatives in life.
I been having this in my chest for a long time and I just needed to right it down I guess.
So….. rant over. Never ranted before.
Ugh :/

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Apollo 15 - Launched 43 Years ago today - Climb aboard the Lunar Rover…

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Ten Major Artists:

Wong Wong & Lulu

Pepper examining himself before commencing a self-portrait

Pepper’s self-portrait

Tiger the spontaneous reductionist

Misty goes off the wall

Minnie, the abstract expressionist

Minnie’s Reindeer in Provence, 1992.

Smokey painting after an hour in the catnip patch

Smokey at work

Ginger’s Stripped Bare Birds, 1992.

Princess, the elemental fragmentist

Charlie, the peripheral realist

this literally makes me so happy

{ to the mountaintop }